How Can We Support You?

Even the strongest of people, who may think they have the best coping skills and broadest social support, may often be overwhelmed when they experience a ‘life event.’ These ‘life events’ will test even the strongest and strain every social and coping skill you may have. Therapy can provide you the guidance and support that is so important to your overall health.

Therapy is thought of as a scary – shameful idea that must be kept secret. People think that if they meet with a psychologist who works with people who have mental illness, there must be something wrong with them. Because of this type of thinking, we are afraid to find outlets to improve our emotional health; despite the fact that emotional health is a critical part of a person’s well-being.


You seek out a licensed doctor to treat your physical injuries or a professional trainer to help you get in better shape. However, when it comes to mental health and well-being, it is thought of as a private matter and because of the privacy, secrecy and shame, people are in more distress and rarely seek professional advice and counseling. All that can change!

If you are struggling with adjusting to a ‘life event,’ it does not mean that you have a mental illness, but therapy can help. Therapy is just another word for ‘life-coaching,’ ‘parenting education,’ counseling or ‘emotional fitness.’ Whatever you call it, please know that our goal is to ‘walk with you through this journey’ and provide the type of professional support you will need.