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Kim BellI see my role in the counseling process as that of a "change agent."  Someone who is meeting you at one of the worst times in your life, and saying "I'm willing to walk with you through this journey". My desire is to help people who are tired of living a life that no longer works for them.  Often stressful life events, such as relationship challenges, job problems, health issues, or coping difficulties can trigger suffering and the need for support.

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Is Therapy Necessary?

Even the strongest of people, who may think they have the best coping skills and broadest social support, may often be overwhelmed when they experience a ‘life event.’ These ‘life events’ will test even the strongest and strain every social and coping skill you may have.

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Our Specialties!


  • Behavioral Issues
  • Relationship Issues
  • Elderly Persons Disorders

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